Mike Rich Describes Phoenix Collision

by Mike Rich | Partridge Interviews

Bill Ames on the early days of the Partridge

by Bill Ames | Partridge Interviews

Pederson's First Encounter with Jim White

by Floyd Pederson | Partridge Interviews

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Possible Expedition to Partridge

A couple of years ago I was involved in a major bathymetric survey of the Normandy beaches in which we attempted to locate and classify all wrecks along the 5 beaches. One of the wrecks we covered was that of the USS Partridge. Next year a team of divers is planning to visit some of the wrecks located and the Partridge is on the list – although sea and weather conditions may mean the divers do not visit her remains.

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Photo of the HMRT Superman

HMRT Superman was a British Rescue Tug that discovered the Whale Unit that the Partridge had been towing to Normandy.  Her crew were able to tow the Whale Unit so that it could be used to ferry equipment to the landing force. The ship doesn’t figure prominently...
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Map of the Partridge Voyage in the Caribbean

Here is a map that Bud Froehlich drew up in 1990 just prior to the last reunion of the Partridge.  If you’ve ever travelled to that part of the world, it’s difficult to imagine it as a war zone.  But it’s where the Partridge worked to safe ships...
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Report from Jim White on Partridge Sinking

Hi everyone and thank you for all the great comments on the recent photos.  I’m working on getting them labeled, but feel free to comment if you identify anyone in the photos. A few years back, Lisa Knott (who’s grandfather Dalton Kirkman father, Joe...
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1940s Partridge Newsletter

When I first started this project I had the privilege of spending a weekend with Bill and Dottie Ames.  They were a great couple with so much energy and enthusiasm for the Partridge and the crew.  They shared with me newsletters from the late 40s and early 50s.  I was...
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New Photos from Joe Shannon

These were photos of the crew that Joe Shannon (Joe Nutt) provided a few years back.  They cover from the Partridge in the Caribbean  until after it’s...
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Action Report from Partridge Sinking

Here is  PDF of the official action report following the sinking of the ship.  The report was created by Ensign Thomas Buffum because Lt. Jim White (who was captain of the ship) was injured. The report also contains a casualty list submitted by J. K. Bradley who was...
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Photos of Whale Units Still Used Today

I’ve read about Whale Units, like the one the Partridge was towing when she sunk, being used after the war to repair bombed bridges in France and Germany.  I just found two photos of two of these bridge still in use today.  It’s incredible to see that...
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Photo of USS Partridge Crew 1943

Below is a photo of the Partridge crew from 1943.  This was in a scrapbook that my Grandmother, Doris Krouse, put together sometime in the early 90s.  You can click on the picture to view a higher-res version or follow a link here:...
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Account of Sinking from United Press Reporter

It was 65 years ago that the USS Partridge left port for the last time. Below is an account of the ship’s last few moments from United Press Corespondent Robert Miller.  This was published a year after the ship was sunk. U.P. Writer Dunked in Channel When E-Boat...
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Thomas Buffum – Awarded Navy – Marine Corp Medal for Heroism

I have a photo of Ensign Buffum with a note saying that he was “awarded Navy-Marine Corp Medal for Heroism” but it doesn’t say why.  Bill Ames related that Buffum had become a true leader in the water, keeping morale up among the men after the...
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Jim White: Report from USS Owl Murder

A few weeks ago, I posted a call for information on Jim White.  Although I still don’t have any solid information on his background I did find an interesting report from the USS Owl.  The Owl and Partridge were in a convoy that stopped in the Azores before...
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Admiral John Wilkes

Admiral John Wilkes was the Commander of Landing Craft and Bases Europe (ComLanCrabEU) in 1943-44.  This was the command that the Partridge operated under for most of its time in England.    I have pasted a bit of information on him below.  I have scant little...
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Photo from New York Harbor

  I wanted to post this photo of New York Harbor in the 1930s because it shows the area where Joe Cooney operated tugs and ferries before he served aboard the Partridge.  It’s amazing the number of docks that line the island and how many ships are visible....
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Lord Haw-Haw Broadcasts on Mulberry

  I came across an interesting note in a book on Operation Mulberry that I thought might jog some memories. It was on broadcasts from Germany apparently taunting sailors and soldiers working on the Whale and Phoenix units weeks before D-Day.   Lord Haw-Haw was the...
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Audio: Robert Ainslie of the HMCS Prescott Recalls Rescue of Partridge

A few months ago I received a note from Katie regarding her grandfather: My grandfather Robert Ainslie was on the HMCS Prescott during WW2 and was one of the people that helped to rescue the men from the partridge. He is now 86. I called Robert a little while ago and...
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Donald Jaeger (KIA June 11, 1944)

I received this note from Marion Baker below.  It’s terrific information adding to our knowledge of the crew..  She has a question in here that I can’t answer.  It appears that Don Jaeger was an amateur cartoonist and may have been the creator of the...
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Lt. Frank Lafavor

I’m looking for more information on Lieutenant F. A. Lafavor.  He’s listed as the executive officer of the Partridge in 1944 but I believe he was transfered off before the ship sunk in June of that year.  In the ship’s log his wife is listed as Helen...
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Action Report from TF 128

I’ve attached a JPG scan of one page from the action report for Task force 128.  This was the TF that towed the Mulberry and Whale unite to create an artificial harbor to feed the invasion of Normandy. I’ve posted the action report from the Partridge but...
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Correction on Uniwaleco

I had previously recorded the British Oil Tanker that the Partridge rescued survivors from as Uniwalico as it appears in the ship’s log. However, this is incorrect. The correct spelling is Uniwaleco. Bud Froelich, who was a SM2c at the time of the rescue on...
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