I had a small private event to launch the book in November. It gave me the opportunity to celebrate with family and friends and also to speak about the book in a little more depth. I realized that speaking about the book focused me on not only why I wrote this book but why I feel like it needed to be written. There is something profound about ship that is lost at sea because it is final and yet physically remains in tact afterward. As I put the talk together, I focused on the idea of retelling a story told to me by old men about events that were slipping over the horizon for them. It was really meaningful to show their pictures side by side — particularly Mike Rich, Floyd Pedersen, and Bill Ames. I was also able to show the post card that my father received from Herman Wouk about a week before I was born. I’m attaching the PDF of the presentation here so you can see the photos up close. I’m looking forward to giving a similar talk in the near future and narrating a video. But in the meantime, enjoy the photos.

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