When I first started this project I had the privilege of spending a weekend with Bill and Dottie Ames.  They were a great couple with so much energy and enthusiasm for the Partridge and the crew.  They shared with me newsletters from the late 40s and early 50s.  I was able to scan in the newsletters which are available as a large PDF.


It’s interesting to read how difficult it was to just stay in touch with people in an age before Facebook and email, but there is also great piece of information about the crew, their families, and the lives they built after the war.

Bill spent a great deal of time recuperating after injuries sustained during the attack on the ship.  His recovery took over a year and he spent time in hospitals in New York and Chicago.   During this time he visited with former crew members and visited many families of those who were killed or missing.

Bill passed away in November of 2010.  Joe Shannon wrote in an email:

“Bill was a great guy. He kept the Partridge family informed about everything about the Partridge. He will be greatly missed by all of us.He is in Gods hands now. He will probably tell God all about the Partridge. God will listen”

Somewhere, I have a more recent photo of Bill and Dotty that I’ll post.  Still the photo of Bill receiving the Purple Heart is pretty terrific.

(click on the image to download the PDF)

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