By James Krouse

A Bird in the Deep

The True Story of the USS Partridge

Deep in the English Channel lies the wreck of a US Navy vessel sunk during the Battle of Normandy. Her rotting decks and silt-filled chambers once staged a human drama that may have inspired Herman Wouk’s World War II novel, The Caine Mutiny. This is the true story of the USS Partridge and the real-life heroes who served aboard her in some of the most treacherous waters of the war. The crew’s struggle to serve under a captain losing his grip on command brought them to the brink of mutiny, just as the ship was facing her greatest mission yet. From the submarine-infested Caribbean to treacherous North Atlantic crossings to Normandy beaches, A Bird in the Deep tells a story of friendship, heroism, and the true nature of leadership during a time of war.


This well-written history draws connections to an iconic novel and illuminates the lives of World War II sailors.

– Kirkus Review

Author & Playwright

James Krouse

James Krouse is an author and playwright exploring the untold stories from history. He grew up hearing about the true story behind the Caine Mutiny from his father and grandfather (who served aboard the USS Partridge).   This ultimately led him to interview surviving crew members and family members, track down military records, and explore the National Archives to uncover what really happened.  He holds an MFA from Yale has developed a career in advertising, marketing, and speechwriting for a number of Fortune 100 companies in the United States and Europe.  He continues to explore untold stories on his TikTok channel @jchristopherkrouse and has just completed his first, soon-to-be release novel The Lapwing Affair.