In writing Bird in the Deep, my blog was incredibly helpful in getting information from family members and surviving crew from the Partridge.  Now the that book is finished, I wanted to transition to telling the story rather than solely asking for questions.  I also wanted to retain the archive of the comments section.  If you want to read the archive blog, feel free to visit  More news is coming here shortly.

Possible Expedition to Partridge

A couple of years ago I was involved in a major bathymetric survey of the Normandy beaches in which we attempted to locate and classify all wrecks along the 5 beaches. One of the wrecks we covered was that of the USS Partridge. Next year a team of divers is planning to visit some of the wrecks located and the Partridge is on the list – although sea and weather conditions may mean the divers do not visit her remains.

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Report from Jim White on Partridge Sinking

Hi everyone and thank you for all the great comments on the recent photos.  I’m working on getting them labeled, but feel free to comment if you identify anyone in the photos. A few years back, Lisa Knott (who’s grandfather Dalton Kirkman father, Joe... read more

1940s Partridge Newsletter

When I first started this project I had the privilege of spending a weekend with Bill and Dottie Ames.  They were a great couple with so much energy and enthusiasm for the Partridge and the crew.  They shared with me newsletters from the late 40s and early 50s.  I was... read more

Action Report from Partridge Sinking

Here is  PDF of the official action report following the sinking of the ship.  The report was created by Ensign Thomas Buffum because Lt. Jim White (who was captain of the ship) was injured. The report also contains a casualty list submitted by J. K. Bradley who was... read more