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Mutiny on the Bounty: 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

What Really Is The Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty? In Bird in the Deep, I devoted a chapter to the mutiny aboard the Bounty. Partially this was because most people brought it up whenever I mentioned the Caine Mutiny, thinking that was the story I was referencing. ...

Possible Expedition to Partridge

A couple of years ago I was involved in a major bathymetric survey of the Normandy beaches in which we attempted to locate and classify all wrecks along the 5 beaches. One of the wrecks we covered was that of the USS Partridge. Next year a team of divers is planning to visit some of the wrecks located and the Partridge is on the list – although sea and weather conditions may mean the divers do not visit her remains.

Photo of the HMRT Superman

HMRT Superman was a British Rescue Tug that discovered the Whale Unit that the Partridge had been towing to Normandy.  Her crew were able to tow the Whale Unit so that it could be used to ferry equipment to the landing force. The ship doesn't figure prominently in the...

1940s Partridge Newsletter

When I first started this project I had the privilege of spending a weekend with Bill and Dottie Ames.  They were a great couple with so much energy and enthusiasm for the Partridge and the crew.  They shared with me newsletters from the late 40s and early 50s.  I was...

New Photos from Joe Shannon

These were photos of the crew that Joe Shannon (Joe Nutt) provided a few years back.  They cover from the Partridge in the Caribbean  until after it's sinking.