I’m looking for more information on Lieutenant F. A. Lafavor.  He’s listed as the executive officer of the Partridge in 1944 but I believe he was transfered off before the ship sunk in June of that year.  In the ship’s log his wife is listed as Helen Marie Lefavor.  I’d like to find out more about him — what his Naval career was like and what he did after the war.  I’ve spoke to a number of the crew about him but we have few details.  Sometimes when I post something in here I get a relative doing searches on Google and this site pops up.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed…

Just as a side, I’ve uploaded a PDF of the sheet with officers wives listed.  I’ve found these in all of the ship’s logs and in other ships logs as well.  Does anyone know why a list of officers wives was kept?  Actually, it appears to be a next of kin list, but it seems strange that only the officers would be kept.

On the list are:

Louise Siana Caldin (wife of Adnah Caldin)

Helen Marie Lefavor (wife of F. A. Lefavor)

George E. Ayers (father of Paul E. Ayers)

Thomas Barker Buffum (Father of T.B. Buffum)

Michael B. Rich Sr. (Father of Michael B. Rich — Mike if you forgot your address in Latrobe, it’s listed here)

Yvonne Bradley (Wife of J. K. Bradley)

Florence Cooney (Wife of J. P. Cooney)

You can download a copy of the original list here: Link