I had previously recorded the British Oil Tanker that the Partridge rescued survivors from as Uniwalico as it appears in the ship’s log. However, this is incorrect. The correct spelling is Uniwaleco. Bud Froelich, who was a SM2c at the time of the rescue on March 7, 1942 wrote in his journal:

One torpedoe was fired which hit forwardd. The crew abandoned ship. Three boats on the starboard side and two on the part, where all hands were safely in the life boats another torpedo was fired on the port side amidship between the two boats. The explosions killed most of the men in the these two and threw flaming oil, burnt and injured many of the rest. All the boats capsized and the two on the part side were blown to bits.

Link to a site about the U-161 which sunk the Uniwaleco and other ships the Partridge help salvage or rescue crew from.

Link to a short history of the ship and it’s wreck position today.

Note: The photo above shows the Uniwaleco under her former name the Sir James Clark Ross.